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Our requirements have changed on LCD specs since my last email, below is what we now require,

 Outline Dimension: 345mm x 130mm (+/-10mm)

Active area Dimension: 315mm x 110mm (+/-10mm)

Resolution: 1920 x xxx (preferable FHD cut panel)

Aspect Ratio: 16:3

Pixel Pitch: 0.22 (H) x 0.22(V) mm, (110 ~ 120 DPI/PPI or less)

Response time: 15ms or less

Brightness: minimum 250nits and higher

Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 (1000 : 1 at the minimum)

 Do you have a solution (custom/off the shelf) that will match this specs. It doesn’t have to be a 19” 1/3 panel any more but the resolution, dimensions and the pixel pitch is quite critical.

 Ok just to confirm, the one off mould fee is to cut the panel dimensions to still have the 1920 wide resolution with our desired dimensions so this is fully customised to our specifications. Is that correct?

Yes, 1920 can not be changed.   For the wide, we can cut it according to your requirements 1~1080.

  But you have to choose the led driving board, this is also the customized board for this type lcd.  

 More so, can you  please confirm the make of the original base panel?

The original panel is based on the market stocks, i confirmed it is 1920x1080 21.5" panel, but i am not sure which model.  Maybe we use the attachment original panel.


The 495mm can not change it. This is the length.


For width,  we can change it according to your requirements. But require the customized, there is the mould fee. You only need to pay the mould fee the first time. Around $1000.  If you can accept, we will send the drawing to you confirm and customized the mould for this lcd.

The product is the same price as 17.5".

The resolution has to be 1920 wide so it has to be cut from 21.5” panel.  I was hoping we can achieve the acceptable dimensions by either streamlining the bezels or cutting out a non-standard resolution of possibly 16:2 instead of 16:3.

 The length of the panel (495mm from your specs sheet) is not an issue, the problem is with the width. Is there a way of reducing the width even further so we get  495x100x12mm (or something closer)?

  19“ Ultra wide stretched LCD (Model SUN-U19-360)


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I confirmed with our engineers, our 19" lcd dimension is large than your requirements.

 But we can supply the customized 17.5" lcd, the dimension is similar as your mentioned.

Resolution is 1366*384, viewing area 410x115mm,outline dimension 428x136x12mm

Because it required the customzied, so i do not have the specification.

Thanks for your response, please see quantities below

Samples: 5 Samples

Annual production Qty: 5k to 8K

Do you have a full specs documents of the LCD.  The physical dimensions looks slights too big for the application We’ll see if there is a way to adapt it but in the meantime,

What are the cost implications of having a more specific physical dimensions as stated below

 Outline Dimension: 435mm x 120mm x 15.1mm (+/-10mm)

Resolution: 1920 x 360 (preferable FHD cut panel)

Aspect Ratio: 16:3

Pixel Pitch: 0.22 (H) x 0.22(V) mm, (110 ~ 120 DPI/PPI)

Response time: 15ms or less

Brightness: minimum 250nits and higher

Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 (1000 : 1 at the minimum)


Please kindly findthe attachment specification.   

If it is ok, please kindly send me your order quantity, then i will give you the best price.  thank you.

We are currently looking for a  19” 1/3 FHD (1920x360) panels and saw the SUN-U19-360 which might suit our solution.

Is this product an off the shelf item? If so can you please provide the latest specification sheet for review and some costing based on sample units and production qtys (details of specific quantity requirements can be discussed).

Quickly Check

Green color model for Shelf Edge LCD Display. Can not find the idea size? Please contact us for custom service!

Model Size Resolution Active Dimension Inputs Download
NR6.8-480 6.8" 480x1280 60x160 66X171x2.5 MIPI /
NR7.84-400 7.84" 400x1280 59x190 67x202x2.6 MIPI /
NR8.8-480 8.8" 480x1920 54x219 64x231x6 MIPI /
NR9-1024 9" 1024x105 230x23 240x37x4 24-bit RGB /
NR10.4-1024 10.4" 1024x100 264.2x26 272x41x4 24bit RGB /
NR11-1280 11" 1280x120 280x27 288x41x4 RGB /
SR8.4-600 7.1" 600x600 127x127 152x150x5 AV+VGA PDF
SR10.4-600 8.8" 600x600 158x158 180x178x5 AV+VGA PDF
SR15.6-256 13.8" 1366x256 344x64 371x86x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR15.6-384 14.1" 1366x384 345x96 371x124x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR18.5-166 16.3" 1366x166 410x50 437x77x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR18.5-256 16.5" 1366x256 410x77 440x108x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR18.5-384 16.9" 1366x384 410x117 440x146x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR21.5-200 18.9" 1920x200 476x50 503x77x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR21.5-360 19.1" 1920x360 476x89 512x125x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR21.5-540 19.5" 1920x540 476x134 512x165x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR23-188 20.2" 1920x188 509x50 532x77x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR23-720 21.4" 1920x720 509x190 545x222x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR24-540 21.7" 1920x540 531x149 564x128x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR27-160 23.6" 1920x160 598x50 625x77x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR27-540 24.5" 1920x540 598x168 631x201x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR27-720 25.1" 1920x720 598x224 631x257x15 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR31.5-136 27.6" 1920x136 698x50 730x81x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR31.5-360 28.1" 1920x360 698x131 736x169x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR31.5-540 28.6" 1920x540 698x200 736x238x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR31.5-720 29.4" 1920x720 698x262 736x300x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR40-108 34.9" 1920x108 856x49 917x81x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR41.6-184 36.4" 1920x184 919x88 952x120x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR41.6-360 36.8" 1920x360 919x172 952x205x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR41.6-540 37.6" 1920x540 919x258 952x291x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR41.6-720 38.6" 1920x720 919x345 952x377x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR46-360 40.8" 1920x360 1018x190 1060x233x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR49-360 42.4" 1920x360 1074x201 1114x233x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR49-540 43.9" 1920x540 1074x302 1114x342x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR55-360 48.5" 1920x360 1210x226 1251x269x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR55-540 49.5" 1920x540 1210x346 1251x389x20 VGA+HDMI PDF
SR65-400 57.5" 1920x400 1428x300 1458x330x20 VGA+HDMI /
SR75-480 69.3" 1920x480 1649x618 1680x638x20 VGA+HDMI /

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