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BarLCD supply stretched monitor to meet the powerful perspective that inspire your inventive plan with the high brightness.The distinction of stretched displays and sunlight readable monitor also can expand your application field into the outside market. The stretched digital display not solely grab your customer's attention however it conjointly work the terribly restricted house wherever you gave up. Associate in distinctive form stretched monitor and modify to quickly promote your montior product and services from all over like airdrome, train depot, stadium, mall, restaurant, hotel, play trade etc. We can offer the cut bar lcd form being cut 1/2, 1/3, 3/8, available size 3.5"~82" .
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Stretched LCD display

The Stretched Bar LCD display is from 13.5"~82".Long Life, Low Power Consumption LED Back light, sunlight readable,high brightness strethed bar lcd monitor, optical Bonding solutions. Ultra stretched LCD panels wide format 16:3,ultra stretch bar type LCD/LED displays for digital signage and public transport suitable for panoramic content view or applications in Public Transport like Bus&Train or Retail, POS, POP.  Ultra Wide LCD, Resizing LCD, Stretched LCD, Bar LCD.

Stretched LCD displays and Monitors are specially cut offering a super wide display format which offers an innovative and fresh approach to grab the public's attention. These stretched format display products, also known as BAR displays, are available in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios, with sunlight readable options, open frame models, making them an ideal solution for digital signage, gaming and wayfinding style applications.

  • bar lcd monitor
  • bar monitor
  • resize monitor
  • stretched display
  • stretched lcd monitor
  • stretched monitor
Module Size Resolution Viewing Area(mm) Dimension(mm) Brightness Angle Input
SR-M13-256 13.8" 1366x256 344x64 380x90x35 500nits(*) 170° VGA+HDMI
SR-M13-384 13.9" 1366x384 344x96 380x120x35 500nits(*) 170° VGA+HDMI
SR-M16-256 16.5" 1366x256 413x78 435x98x35 500nits(*) 170° VGA+HDMI
SR-M16-384 16.9" 1366x384 413x117 430x137x35 500nits(*) 170° VGA+HDMI
SR-M18-180 18.8 1920x180 476.6x44 500x73.4x35 500nits(*) 170° VGA+HDMI
SR-M19-360 19.1 1920x360 476.6x88 500x110x35 500nits(*) 170° VGA+HDMI
SR-M21-760 21.5 1920x760 509x202 543.4x235.4x35 500nits(*) 170° VGA+HDMI
SR-M21-540 21.7 1920x540 531x149 560x170x35 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M23-360 23.2 1920x360 580x109 613x141x35 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M26-730 26.8 1920x730 598x226 623x254x35 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M27-70 27.5 1366x70 697.7 x 35.7 730x370x35 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M28-256 28 1366x256 698x131.8 726.4x164.2x35 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M28-326 28.4 1366x326 698x173.5 725.2x203.7x35 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M28-540 28.5 1920x540 698.4x196.4 722.2x225.2x35 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M29-640 29 1920x640 698.4x234.1 722.2x260.9x35 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M29-770 29.6 1920x770 698.4x280 731.4x316x35 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M37-360 37.2 1920x360 930x179 965.4x218.9x35 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M38-540 38.5 1920x540 930x265 965.4x298x35 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M41-910 41 1920x910 930x440 965.4x486.8x35 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M40-360 40.7 1920x360 1018x190 1048.2x221.2x45 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M43-900 43.9 1920x900 1018x476 1048.2x507.2x45 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M48-300 48.1 1920x300 1210x185 1231.2x211.2x45 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M48-360 48.4 1920x360 1210x226 1231.2x252.2x45 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI
SR-M59-600 59 1920x600 1431x443.6 1472.2x484.8x45 500nits(*) 178° VGA+HDMI

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Features & Applications

advanced osd control,beautiful cutting LCD,ultra wide aspect ratio,high brightness led back light,high contrast ratio,wide viewing angle,long led life time,low power consumption ,anti-shock & vibration resistance

  • public transport displays: train, bus station, airport
  • Digital signage: retail,pos,pop,poi
  • Machine:vendor,ticket,vending machine,gaming, medical
  • Customizing design: unlimited application

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