Resizing LCD Panel & Monitor

We supply the customized resizing LCD service to customer’s requests for customized re-size lcd panel applications. Our custom resizing LCD monitors are assembled with full industrial grade components to ensure the highest standards of reliability are met and a number of our stretched resizing LCD range are sunlight readable with up to 3000nits high bright very high brightness and excellent contrast, Brightness enhancement for various environments. Choice of components for the flexibility of needs LCD kits, Open frame, panel mount design, media player, touch solutions, waterproof, ip65, stainless.

Resize the LCD that cut the LCD glass, polarizes, circuits and circuit boards to a new bar lcd size. It was impossible to preserve the original performance of original LCD manufactured once the glass circuits are cut. However, BarLCD has fixed that problem, becoming the world's leading pioneer and leader in LCD resizing LCD monitor solutions.

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Quickly Check

Find the idea stretched lcd model in short time, please check below lists.

Module Size Cut From Resolution Active Area(mm) Module Size Cut From Resolution Active Area(mm)
SR6-480 6.86 N/A 480x1280 60.2x160.5 SR27-70 27.5 31.5" 1366x70 697.7 x 35.7
SR7-400 7.84 N/A 400x1280 59.4x190. SR28-256 28 31.5" 1366x256 698x131.8
SR8-480 8 N/A 1600x480 194.4x58.3 SR28-326 28.4 31.5" 1366x326 698x173.5
SR8.8-480 8.8 N/A 1280x480 209.2x78.4 SR28-540 28.5 31.5" 1920x540 698.4x196.4
SR9-320 9.2 N/A 1280x320 226.5x56.4 SR29-640 29 31.5" 1920x640 698.4x234.1
SR13-256 13.8 15.6" 1366x256 344x64 SR29-770 29.6 31.5" 1920x770 698.4x280
SR13-384 13.9" 15.6 1366x384 344x96 SR37-360 37.2 42" 1920x360 930x179
SR16-256 16.5" 18.5" 1366x256 413x78 SR38-540 38.5 42" 1920x540 930x265
SR16-384 16.9" 18.5" 1366x384 413x117 SR41-910 41 42" 1920x910 930x440
SR18-180 18.8 21.5" 1920x180 476.6x44 SR40-360 40.7 46" 1920x360 1018x190
SR19-360 19.1 21.5" 1920x360 476.6x88 SR43-900 43.9 46" 1920x900 1018x476
SR21-760 21.5 23" 1920x760 509x202 SR48-300 48.1 55" 1920x300 1210x185
SR21-540 21.7 23.6" 1920x540 531x149 SR48-360 48.4 55" 1920x360 1210x226
SR23-360 23.2 26" 1920x360 580x109 SR59-600 59 65" 1920x600 1431x443.6
SR26-730 26.8 27" 1920x730 598x226

Features & Applications

advanced osd control,beautiful cutting LCD,ultra wide aspect ratio,high brightness led back light,high contrast ratio,wide viewing angle,long led life time,low power consumption ,anti-shock & vibration resistance

  • public transport displays: train, bus station, airport
  • Digital signage: retail,pos,pop,poi
  • Machine:vendor,ticket,vending machine,gaming, medical
  • Customizing design: unlimited application

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