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Ultra wide streched lcd technical 1/3 cut of the original lcd monitor

Ultra Wide Stretch LCD Display by comparing the unit with a nomal lcd panel to provide a better understanding of what a 1/3 cut is and how the display looks on the 21.5" and 42" bar lcd panel. For more information, please check below.


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It is the very important thing to consider is what panel technology the streched lcd screen uses. While specs may look similar on paper, performance may vary quite considerably between the models due to the underlying panel technology used. 

Resizing Design Rules, only the Size Changes
• Cut off end of electronic shift register
• Cut glass away from image start point

What’s StretchedLCD?  As you know the comom LCD panel Aspect Ratios  as 4:3 or 16:9
But the Resize LCD Module Aspect  as 16:3 or 16:4.5, Why?


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