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  • Stretched LCD

    Stretched LCD

    Professional provider for streched LCD panel kit and devotes to the R&D,and sales. The stretched bar LCD module from 8"
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  • Stretched Monitor

    Stretched Monitor

    Strethed Bar LCD monitor, Long Life Time, Low Power LED Back light, sunlight readable and high brightness , optical Bonding solutions,
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  • Custom Bar LCD

    Custom Bar LCD

    Can not find the idea Size? We supply the customized service according to your requirements. Our Bar LCD monitors are
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Stretched LCD Technical.

The stretched display, also known as Ultra wide lcd monitor,bar lcd display, resize lcd monitor, cut lcd display. What’s Stretched LCD? As we know the common LCD panel Aspect Ratios is 4:3 or 16:9, but for the stretch LCD panel 16:6 or 16:4.2, to ensure meet this resolution, we have to cut the original panel.


1/3 LCD Cut off

For example: 32” LCD Panel 16:9, resolution 1366x768, 1/3 LCD cut off. Then the ultra wide lcd is 16:6,resolution 1366x512.

1/2 LCD Cut off

For example: 42” LCD Panel 16:9, resolution 1920x1080, 1/2 LCD cut off. Then the ultra wide lcd is 16:4.5,resolution 1920x512.


The resize lcd of screen resolutions available on the market, such as Shopping Mall, Transportation, Taxi Top, Chain Store,Slot Machine, Retail.


Popular Bar LCD Panel Kits

Below bar lcd module is only for the popular size. Can not find the idea size, please check our products list for all models information!

Model Cut To Resize From Resolution Active Area(mm) Brightness Inputs Model Cut To Resize From Resolution Active Area(mm) Brightness Inputs
SR13-256 13.8 15.6" 1366x256 344x64 400nits VGA,HDMI SR27-70 27.5 31.5" 1366x70 697.7 x 35.7 400nits VGA,HDMI
SR13-384 13.9" 15.6 1366x384 344x96 400nits VGA,HDMI SR28-360 28.1 31.5" 1366x360 698.4x131.2 400nits VGA,HDMI
SR16-256 16.5" 18.5" 1366x256 413x78 400nits VGA,HDMI SR28-540 28.6 31.5" 1920x540 698.4x200.1 400nits VGA,HDMI
SR16-384 16.9" 18.5" 1366x384 413x117 400nits VGA,HDMI SR29-720 29.4 31.5" 1920x720 698.4x262 400nits VGA,HDMI
SR18-180 18.8 21.5" 1920x177 476x44 400nits VGA,HDMI SR37-360 37.3 42" 1920x360 930x174 400nits VGA,HDMI
SR19-360 19.1 21.5" 1920x354 476.6x88 400nits VGA,HDMI SR38-540 38.5 42" 1920x540 930x265 400nits VGA,HDMI
USR21-540 21.7 23.6" 1920x540 531x149 400nits VGA,HDMI SR59-600 59 65" 1920x596 1431x443.6 400nits VGA,HDMI

Ultra wide stretch display with the high bright led back light which is suit for each indoor and out of doors environments. The open frame LCD solution offers your application designer freedom to create all kinds of enclosure models. take solace in our bar type lcd monitor once group action it into a display because it can continuously enamor audiences associate decreed work to supply as an informative display for any application. once you style within the monitor, the stretch monitor show can become a strong tool for advertising or as associate degree data show.

BAR LCD Display

Resize the LCD according to customer’s requests for customized applications,Brightness enhancement for outdoor environments up to 3000nits high bright, optional components complete monitor or display, LCD panel, LCD kits, Open frame, panel mount,touch panel, landscape or portrait metal housing, waterproof...

Ultra wide stretch display

Resizing bar monitor digital accumulation display will be utilized in comes that embody, however aren't restricted to digital signage, building displays, depot signs, public transportation or places that might wish to have a special screen for accumulation displays. the special bar LCD monitor is durable and fits well into several applications.

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stretched lcd monitor

About Barlcd.net

Introduction us

The Barlcd company manufactures a full range of LCD & monitors products R&D, and selling. We have our own professional R&D groups specialized in a wide range Stretched bar LCDs & monitorss customization.We can provide the versatile bar shape being cut 1/2, 1/3, 3/8 ... Upon your request and we also can supply the customized function such as waterproof( ip65, ip66), anti-reflective...


Re-size bar lcd aspect ratios according to customer’s requests

Sunlight readable High Brightness enhancement for various environments

Optional components such as LCD panel Ad board, LCD kits, Open frame, panel mount design, media player, touch solutions.

1.How to order the streched lcd?

Please select a model from the list of models show from our website.  You may supply the LCD or TED will supply it and will include it in the quotation.  You may want electronics to interface between the resized LCD and a computer using DMI or VGA formatted signals.  If desired, please include this in your Request for Quotation and Send your purchase orders to us.

2.How is the brightness on a LCD module defined?

It is the average brightness meatured from 9 surfaces areas of the display.The surface is divided into 9 equivalent partitions and the brightness is measured from center of each partition.

Why Bar LCD

  • Creative Cutting LCD +

    Cut the original panel to 1/3 or 1/2, to resize an LCD is to literally
  • Cut LCD structure design +

    The lcd panel size was changed, so we have to design the new housing for it.
  • High Brightness LED Backlight +

    Till the led backlight was finished, then we assemble it to the complete ultra wide
  • Qualification Testing +

    Boiling Water to Dry Ice 5 times, Life Test five years
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